Property remains the No.1 choice for UK investors

Property remains the No.1 choice for UK investors

The majority of UK investors still regard property as their safest option for making a return on their money, the latest research has found.

Market Financial Solutions asked over 2,000 adults across the country how they are approaching their financial strategies for 2018.

Despite the emergence of newer asset classes, such as cryptocurrencies, 53% said they would still rather invest in traditional assets such as bricks and mortar.

While 63% said they regard property to be a safe and secure investment in the current market, with 18% considering investing in one or more properties over the course of the next 12 months.

Paresh Raja, chief executive officer of MFS, said: “Interestingly, despite the hype surrounding new asset classes such as cryptocurrencies, the majority of investors are still placing traditional investments, such as property, at the top of their list in 2018.”